Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment

Welcome to the Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment page of our new Teaching and Learning Website

In Chappaqua, we seek to ensure that all students go beyond standardized test scores and rote learning. We work daily to ensure that our students think deeply, apply problem-solving skills, and actively participate in their learning. These skills are among the keys to their success in our 21st century world.

This web page is designed to give families, the community, and Chappaqua educators access to the latest thinking about how to support students' learning, kindergarten through 12th grade. You will find here several resources:

  • Video clips of the educational experts who work in our schools, talking about subjects like reading and writing and the role of families;
  • Documents such as articles about how to help students at home;
  • Links to websites filled with practical ideas for extending students' learning;
  • Classroom Clips, a video series of students learning in our classrooms;
  • Curriculum Maps, a tool for organizing what Chappaqua Central School District expects students to know and be able to do in each subject each year. A map lists the main topics, essential questions, content, and skills for each subject at each grade level;
  • Parent University, opportunities for parents to learn about and discuss the latest topics in literacy instruction and mathematics.
  • Research & Literature, links to resources and documents used to inform literacy and mathematics teaching and learning.

We have just begun to build this webpage, so please look forward to additional and updated resources. We believe that each student brings unique strengths to our school district, and that together, we will foster students who will be well-prepared socially, emotionally, and academically for their futures.

Please contact us if you have ideas for our Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment page or for our Classroom Clips video series. We hope you will find these resources useful.

~ Adam Pease, Ed.D., Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction