News Blast January 2009

Chappaqua Schools News Blast January 2009

Chappaqua News Blast - January 2009

NEWS BLAST is an electronically transmitted communication from the Chappaqua Central School District sent to subscribers of the district's K12 Alert system. Look for these Blasts throughout the school year to keep up-to-date with news and events around the district.

2009-10 Budget Planning Meetings

Superintendent David Fleishman will present a general budget plan to the Board of Education reflecting a zero percent increase over 2008-09 at the Board's public meeting on Tuesday, January 27. The no-increase budget request came from the Board during a preliminary discussion of budget issues and the current economic climate. That meeting took place in November. There will be opportunity for questions and comments from the community about the budget presentation.

On Tuesday, February 10, community members are invited to share their thoughts and questions with the Board of Education at a public hearing devoted to the 2009-10 budget plan. On Tuesday, March 3, the Board will begin its line-by-line review of the proposed budget. All meetings will be held in the Academic Commons at Horace Greeley High School at 8:15 p.m.

Meetings can be viewed by streaming video at Meeting schedules, agendas, and minutes are posted at Questions and comments to the Board of Education can be sent to

Please check the district website for a new Budget Information web page. Meeting presentation materials, communications, and FAQs will be posted and updated throughout the budget development process.

Superintendent News

The Board of Education wants to inform you that Superintendent of Schools David Fleishman has been named one of three finalists in a superintendent search in Framingham, Massachusetts for a position beginning July 1, 2009. Dr. Fleishman recently told the Board that he is considering this particular position due to a possible need to relocate for family reasons and that he continues to be extremely happy with his position in Chappaqua. The Board feels it is important to inform the community of this development.

The Chappaqua Board of Education values the leadership of David Fleishman in our district and hopes that he will continue in his position as Superintendent of Schools here. We are fortunate to have a strong administrative team in place to support the ongoing effective and efficient operation of the district. In no way does anything involving Dr. Fleishman and his personal considerations affect the ongoing business of the school district. The 2009-10 budget development process will continue as planned with the administration working at the direction of the Board.

If and when something definitive occurs with the Superintendent, the Board will discuss further plans with the community.

District to Establish Green Committee

The Chappaqua School District is very pleased to announce that the district will soon establish a Green Committee that will include representation from students, parents, community members, faculty, staff, and administrators. The committee will have several goals including creating a healthy and comfortable school environment, using and conserving district resources, and learning to be eco/responsible. The committee will establish a number of sub-committees that will take advantage of the rich expertise and commitment of so many individuals in the Chappaqua community.

The committee will be chaired by Assistant Superintendent for Business, John Chow. If you're interested in receiving information in the activities or participating in one of the subcommittees, please contact Liisa Elsner, Administrative Assistant to John Chow at

Chappaqua School Foundation Grant Deadline: January 30

The Chappaqua School Foundation provides an exciting opportunity for educators, parents, students or any member of the community to propose ideas and programs that enhance learning and personal growth of Chappaqua students.Through the years, CSF has funded 140 grants totaling close to $800,000 for children across the Chappaqua schools, including Robotics (HGHS), Learning & Growing Garden (Bell), Weather Station (7B), Animation (Grafflin), Videoconferencing (RB) and Nature Trail/GPS (WO).

To learn more about CSF or access a copy of the CSF 2009 Grant application, please visit

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