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Dear Chappaqua School Community,

A representative group is working on a strategic plan for the grades 7-12 Athletics program. We are interested in feedback on what you believe the greatest needs for that program are given the purpose and belief statements listed:

Department Purpose
Our Athletic Department fosters and reinforces the Mission of the Chappaqua Central School District, which is to create a community for learning where students, families and staff are joined in the pursuit of athletic excellence, personal growth, and teamwork. We seek to develop each student's full potential through involvement in interscholastic and intramural athletic programs led by a dedicated coaching staff. We promote values, practices and character traits essential to personal development and success in life beyond school.

To fulfill this purpose, we must:

  • Welcome every student's involvement in the program
  • Value perseverance, commitment, and hard work
  • Demonstrate sportsmanship, respect, and community spirit
  • Embrace healthy competition
  • Support every student’s social and emotional development and their ability to self-advocate
  • Communicate expectations and responsibilities of students, families and staff

To help inform our planning, we would like you to contribute as many responses as you can to this effort by participating in a Thoughtexchange dedicated to this topic.

Participating could take as little as 5-10 minutes and participants are welcome to come back and add additional responses at any time through December 1, 2019.

You can enter the Thoughtexchange by clicking on this link --
There is also an iOS app for iPhone for Thoughtexchange -- you can download that, click "Join" and enter the code 104-820-114.

Using the application is easy -- just tell us your role in the Tell Us About Yourself question and then follow the prompts to Share, Star, and Discover.
Thank you!

Jason Semo
Director of Athletics, Physical Education and Health

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