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Bus Safety Information

Bus Safety Facts

  1. Flashing yellow lights mean a bus is going to stop - SLOW DOWN!
  2. Flashing red lights mean students are getting on or off the bus- STOP!
    • You must stop whether you are approaching the school bus from the front or the rear.
    • You must always stop even on divided highways and school grounds.
  3. It’s illegal and very dangerous to pass a stopped school bus when the large red lights located on top of the bus are flashing.
  4. The first-time fine for illegally passing a school bus:
    • A minimum of a $250 fine.
    • 5 points on your license and/or possible 30 days in jail.

The Bus Danger Zone

At the heart of the School District’s bus safety program is the concept of the Danger Zone. The Danger Zone is the area within 10 feet of the front, sides and back of a stopped school bus. In the Danger Zone, children are vulnerable both to illegally passing motorists (who ignore a stopped bus’s flashing red lights) and to the bus driver’s inability to see or hear what is going on in that area. The School District’s bus safety rules emphasize staying out of the Danger Zone and boarding and leaving the bus in full view of the driver. Students should never stop in the danger zone for any reason, especially if they drop something. If a student drops something, the driver must be alerted before an adult retrieves the dropped item. 

Bus Safety Rules

Please make sure that you, your child, and any household caregivers are familiar with the following bus safety rules:

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