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Our Schools

Technology in Our Schools

We are dedicated to providing a technology-infused, active learning environment for students and staff. We have created a wireless technology environment supported by robust infrastructure so that internet, devices, and other technologies can be used anywhere and at any time.

Throughout grade levels and content areas, students and staff use a range of devices, apps, displays, and other tools to support teaching, learning, collaboration, creation, and so much more.

Additionally, innovative technology to support curriculum and instruction can be found throughout our flexible learning spaces, STEAM Centers and Makerspaces, Global Learning Centers, and more throughout the District. 

Technology Quicklinks

Our Student Information System
  • Parent/Emergency Contact Information

  • Student Schedules

  • Report Cards, Documents, and NWEA Reports

Our District Communication System
  • District and building communication
  • District news and updates
  • Emergency notifications
Our Learning Management System (Middle/High School)
  • Instructional materials & resources
  • Classroom grades and assessments
  • Classroom teacher communication

1:1 Device Programs

Elementary students have 1:1 iPads with a full keyboard and trackpad case. They are generally stored in students’ classrooms and used to support curriculum and instruction. 

With these devices, students learn digital literacy skills, how to be responsible digital citizens, and also how to use multiple tools for self-expression and creativity.

In grades 5 and 6, students have 1:1 iPads with a full keyboard and trackpad case. Students take the iPads home daily and bring them to classes throughout the day.

In grades 7 and 8, students have 1:1 Microsoft Surface devices. In 7th grade, students use Surface Go Tablets, and in 8th grade, they have Surface Laptops. Students take their devices home daily and bring them to classes throughout the day.

With these devices, students learn to navigate and utilize Canvas, our learning management system, develop executive functioning skills, collaborate and share work, as well as continue to learn how to be a respectful and responsible digital citizen.

Horace Greeley High School has a bring your own device environment. All of the apps and software tools used in classes are supported on most devices, whether Apple, Microsoft, Chromebook, or more. Devices are also available for students to borrow from the Global Learning Center daily or for the school year as needed.

With the devices that students bring from home, they utilize Canvas to collaborate and share work, think deeply, and engage in the critical and high-level thinking skills expected of a Greeley student.

Apps & Software Tools

Our students use a variety of apps and software tools to support learning. All apps and software are reviewed for data security and Ed Law 2-d compliance as well as how they support curriculum and instruction. Some of the most commonly used apps, tools, and websites throughout the district are listed below. 

  • High School
  • Middle School