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Third Party Contractor Forms

In accordance with NYSED Ed Law 2-D, and  Part 121 Regulations, all third-party must adhere to District Policy 5086: Information and Data Privacy, Security, Breach and Notification.

As per this policy, “The district will ensure that contracts with third-party contractors reflect that confidentiality of any student and/or classroom teacher or building principal PII [personally identifiable information] be maintained in accordance with federal and state law and regulations, and the District's data security and privacy policy.”

As such, all third-party vendor contracts must include:

  1. A contract
  2. Signed Parents' Bill of Rights (PBIR)
  3. Completed Third-Party Contractor Addendum (Data Privacy Addendum)

Any contracts that do not include a signed PBIR and DPA cannot be approved. 

Data Privacy Officer & Chief Information Officer

Dr. Andrew Taylor

Dr. Andrew Taylor

Director of Technology & Innovation, Data Privacy Officer, Chief Information Officer, Administrator