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The Chappaqua Central School District will create an innovative, agile atmosphere of learning that leverages advanced instructional technologies to support active learning environments. Our department supports the instructional and informational technology needs of the District to make sure that technology is accessible, safe, and impactful in our schools. 

We will continually improve our secure and private Education Law 2-D compliant infrastructure and policies to support and advance District instructional visions and goals.

Digital Learning Goals:

  1. Support Chappaqua students to be thoughtful learners and critical thinkers by providing a technology-infused, active learning environment.

  2. Prepare Chappaqua students to become collaborative citizens.

  3. Create an environment that increases the value and efficiency of learning time.


Technology Quicklinks

Our Student Information System
  • Parent/Emergency Contact Information

  • Student Schedules

  • Report Cards, Documents, and NWEA Reports

Our District Communication System
  • District and building communication
  • District news and updates
  • Emergency notifications
Our Learning Management System (Middle/High School)
  • Instructional materials & resources
  • Classroom grades and assessments
  • Classroom teacher communication
Dr. Andrew Taylor

Dr. Andrew Taylor

Director of Technology & Innovation, Data Privacy Officer, Chief Information Officer, Administrator
Dr. Adam Schoenbart

Dr. Adam Schoenbart

Associate Director of Technology & Communication, Administrator
Joy Guido

Joy Guido

Senior Office Assistant, Automated Systems