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Hiring Proccess

  1. Apply on Frontline Recruiting & Hiring
  2. Resume Review
  3. Screening Interview: small committee interview on Zoom on in person for 10-15 minutes
  4. Committee Interview: large committee interview in person for 30-40 minutes
  5. Demonstration Lesson: 40 minutes, followed by a lesson debrief
  6. Writing Sample/Performance Task
  7. Reference Checks: three references, one of whom is a current or former supervisor
  8. Human Resources Interview
  9. Background Check & Fingerprint Clearance
  10. Superintendent Interview
  11. Board of Education Appointment

Why Chappaqua?

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Post-Secondary Success

98.9% of the Class of 2023 went onto higher education, with 50 National Merit Scholarship Program commended students, 13 semifinalists and 13 finalists. Our high school students thrive and find success in Greeley and beyond. 

You Belong Here

We are committed to improving the sense of belonging and well-being among our students and staff. Learn more in our District Strategic Priorities

Leadership Advancement

Many of our current administrators have held multiple positions in the District, transitioning from teachers to building leaders and from the building to District leadership. Join an organization where there can be room to grow. 

Teacher Leadership Opportunities

There are many important leadership opportunities for our teachers. From formal positions like Department Chairs and Grade Level Leaders to opportunities to lead professional learning and curriculum work, our teachers are supported in their growth and development.


All of our teachers are paired with experienced mentors. Additionally, Department Chairs, staff developers, and our leadership team all work together to support our staff.

Professional Learning

We prioritize professional learning and growth for all staff. Our faculty participates in regular department and school-based professional development opportunities as well as regular conferences, curriculum work, and more. Learn more about Professional Learning.

Competitive Salary and Benefits

Our District offers competitive salaries and comprehensive benefits. Learn more about our employee contracts.

Proximity to New York City

Enjoy life in the suburbs in Chappaqua, Millwood, or New Castle while being just a short commute away from New York City. 

Excellent Educators

Our teachers and faculty members provide high-quality instruction and build authentic, supportive relationships with students. We are committed to hiring an inclusive teaching staff to create warm, joyful, student-centered, and welcoming schools.

Curriculum & Instruction

We are committed to a powerful, aligned, research-based and well-articulated curriculum for all subject areas, grade levels, and buildings, to ensure that all students benefit from the highest quality learning experiences available. Rethinking the traditional curriculum is one of the District’s Strategic Priorities.

Student Life

There is a vibrant student life in all of our schools. Elementary students participate in clubs like Student Government, intramurals, or music. In the middle schools, the range of clubs includes art, environmental, science olympiad, video production, and so much more. Greeley boasts almost 100 clubs for students to join, organized around academics, community service, culture, health and wellness, leadership, and special interests.

The Middle School Experience

Some of the innovative programs in our middle schools include our Advisory program, TV and podcast studios, hydroponics spaces, and STEAM Centers. Moving forward, we are committed to rethinking the middle school experience as a part of our District Strategic Priorities.

Greeley’s Elective Program

Our high school students fulfill their graduation requirements and have opportunities to participate in a range of powerful and innovative programs, including the LIFE School, Science Research, Senior Experience, Virtual Enterprise, and more. Explore high school academics for additional information. 

Innovative Spaces

From flexible learning spaces to STEAM Centers, our students experience state-of-the-art innovative learning environments throughout our schools. This includes a Global Learning Center and Makerspace or STEAM Center in all schools. Many of our buildings also have cutting edge hydroponics spaces, including Greeley’s Sustainability Research Center.

A Community for Learning

The Chappaqua Central School District is a nationally renowned, award-winning public school system characterized by highly motivated students, a broadly educated and talented staff, and an actively involved parent community. 

#WeAreChappaqua Teachers

  • Foster a positive and inclusive classroom environment that prioritizes the social and emotional well-being of students and nurtures a sense of belonging.

  • Implement evidence-based social-emotional learning strategies to promote emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills. Knowledge of the RULER approach is preferred.

  • Utilize current educational research to inform instructional practices, ensuring lessons are grounded in evidence-based methods.

  • Implement formative assessments regularly to gauge student understanding. Incorporate formative and summative data analysis into lesson planning to tailor instruction and address individual learning needs.

  • Infuse culturally relevant practices into curriculum design, ensuring that lessons reflect the diverse backgrounds and experiences of all students. Integrates diverse perspectives and voices into instructional materials and resources to broaden students' understanding of the world.

  • Engages in regular, collaborative professional development to enhance collective knowledge and skills, reinforcing the idea that the team's efficacy is greater than individual efforts alone.

  • Uses NYS standards as a foundation for setting clear learning goals and expectations for students, providing a roadmap for their academic progress.