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Board of Education Letter to the Community 9/16/22

September 16, 2022

Dear Chappaqua Central School District Community

We are writing today to outline the need for important capital improvements to our facilities and significant safety upgrades for the high school. During the spring and throughout the summer, we have been in discussions to address infrastructure concerns, repairs, and upgrades. Our focus centers on improving school security and enhancing the academic and social emotional environment for our children.

While we have successfully managed our facilities under the tax levy limit since its inception, we currently have significant capital needs. These needs are based on the results of the latest Building Conditions Survey conducted by KG&D Architects. Such a study is required every 5 years by the New York State Education Department. To that end, we feel that to meet our financial commitments, and address capital concerns effectively, it is important for us to consider funding these improvements with a bond referendum. The last infrastructure bond presented to the Chappaqua Central School District community was 28 years ago, in 1994.

On September 14th, we held our fifth public meeting to discuss funding these necessary improvements through a bond referendum. We believe it is important to hold a district-wide vote before the December holiday recess. Our most recent community presentation from Wednesday night’s Board of Education meeting is available here.

The bond is currently broken down into two referendums. The first proposal addresses infrastructure repairs and upgrades in all of our schools. A summary of areas for voter consideration in the first proposal include:

  1. Roof Replacement (all buildings)
  2. Network & Fiber Optics Upgrades (all buildings)
  3. Greeley J Bridge (full replacement)
  4. Paving Projects at Greeley and Westorchard
  5. Electrical Panel/Underground Feeder Cable Replacement (Greeley Gym)
  6. HVAC Repair and Replacement (all buildings)
  7. Greeley Fire Alarm System Replacement
  8. Playground Resurfacing at Elementary buildings
  9. Light pole Replacement at Greeley Tennis Court
  10. Electronic Classroom Door Locking System (K-8 buildings)
  11. Air Conditioning in cafeterias and gyms (all buildings)
  12. Air Conditioning in L Building at Greeley
  13. Outdoor bathrooms at Greeley
  14. Auditorium upgrades at Greeley
  15. Storage at Greeley's Athletic Complex
  16. Modified Baseball field at Seven Bridges

The total cost associated with this first proposal is $33,985,000.

The second proposal is the redesigning of the front entrance of Horace Greeley High School to create a single point of entrance. This proposal is based on the 2019 recommendations from the CCSD Safety and Security Taskforce as well as recommendations from professional safety audits conducted prior to the pandemic.

The total cost associated with this second proposal is $11,340,000.

A draft estimate of the impact that the passage of these referendums will have on the tax obligations of community members can be found here.

We are seeking your feedback as we continue to refine and revise the final proposals that would be put before you for voter approval. We have created this form for you to share your comments about the proposed bond referendums. Feel free to stop by our booth at this Saturday’s New Castle Community Day to discuss these proposals. Additionally, we invite you to attend one of our regularly scheduled Board of Education meetings and share your thoughts during the public comment period.

We will continue to update you on our progress with these referendums. In the meantime, you can access all relevant documents and resources related to these proposals and Board discussions below.

Thank you for your consideration and your ongoing support for our students.


The Chappaqua Central School District Board of Education

Jane Kimmel Shepardson, President
Warren Messner, Vice President
Hilary Grasso
Cailee Hwang
Ryan Kelsey