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Our Schools

Outside Group Overtime Information

School Days (Mon. - Fri.)
7am - 10pm
No OT Charge No OT Charge No OT Charge No OT Charge No OT Charge No OT Charge
Saturday & Sunday OT Charge OT Charge OT Charge OT Charge OT Charge OT Charge
Holidays Double Time Double Time Double Time Double Time Double Time Double Time


Building Use

  • During school days hours mentioned above we will be charging the usage fee but not the custodial fees
  • Saturday and Sunday: we will be charging for building use and custodial overtime
  • Two events in the same day will cause the need for a second custodian. Each group will be billed for a custodian
  • Events that require custodial overtime are responsible for paying a minimum of three hours overtime if that is the only event that day
  • Buildings will be closed from building use the day before and the weekend after Thanksgiving, Christmas and new year
  • Only one building will be open over school breaks for building use all other schools will be closed for building use
  • From August 10th through school opening in September the buildings will not be open for use due to cleaning and repairs
  • As of July 1, 2011 Saturday gym use at Greeley for the Town rec groups will be charged for the custodian overtime

Field Use

  • Fields will be closed from June 15 through September 10 and from November 15th through April 10 each year
  • Fields will only be maintained in the season that our school teams are playing in
  • Baseball fields will not be maintained over the summer for recreational use
  • Town organizations will pay one fee per year for fields and facilities use
  • Town organizations are not billed for field use and facility use but will have to pay for custodial overtime if necessary
  • Non district groups will have to pay the field use fee and any custodial overtime needed

Tennis Court Lights

  • Tennis court lights will be turned on April 1 through October 31 from from Dusk to 10:00 pm

Building and Field Users

Town sponsored groups with overtime charges

  • New Castle Youth Basketball TG
  • Greeley youth Lacrosse TG
  • Chappaqua Youth Soccer club TG
  • New Castle Baseball and softball TG
  • New Castle Recreation TG

Groups with usage fees and overtime charges

  • Downstate Volleyball
  • Chestnut Oaks Condo
  • Chappaqua Orchestra
  • Chappaqua School Foundation
  • Apple Hill Farms Condo
  • Breaking Ground Dance
  • Chabad Hebrew School
  • Sunday Morning Basketball
  • Temple Beth Torah
  • Westchester Dance Academy
  • New Castle Historical Society
  • Huaxia Chinese School
  • Down State Volleyball
  • CYO
  • Boy Scouts
  • Girl Scouts