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Facilities Use Quick Guide

  1. Enter your email address to login to the request page. If you receive the message that your email couldn't be found, follow the steps to complete your registration.

    Welcome! To begin, please enter your email address below and click submit
  2. You should already be under the "Schedule Request" Tab. Now select the type of schedule you want to submit. Normal Schedule: Schedule up to 20 event dates. Each event date must be at the same Location, use the same room(s), and be at the same time. Recurring Schedule: Same as a Normal Schedule but can contain up to 100 event dates. Dates must occur in a repeating pattern. Irregular Schedule: Schedule up to 20 event dates at the same location. This schedule allows you more flexibility by selecting a different date and time for each room.New Schedule Request screenshot
  3. Fill out all boxes with a red checkmark mark beside it.
    • Event Title: This is how your event will be displayed on the calendar.
    • Event Description: Displays additional information about your event.
    • Area: Selecting an Area will limit the options available in the Location and Room menus. *Note: If you need to request multiple rooms, you may want to leave this option blank.
    • Location: The building or campus that you would like to use for your event.
    • Room(s): The room(s) you would like to request for your event. Hold down the CTRL key to highlight multiple rooms.
    • Event Date(s): You can either type in your event date(s) or use the calendar to select them. *Note: This process will be slightly different on Recurring and Irregular Schedules.
    • Times: Enter a Start and End time for your event. You can enter a Setup and break down time if needed.
    • Duration: This will calculate automatically to display the running time of your event.
    • You can use the Check Availabilty Button button to verify that your event date(s) and time are available.
    Screenshot of the Check Availability form fields
  4. Follow the same process to fill in the Organization Information and other sections of the request form. Remember, any box marked with a is required.Screenshot of organization information form fileds
    • Organization: Select the name of the group that is requesting the space *Note: If your Organization is not listed, enter it in the space provided.
    • Contact Information: Your contact information may already be available. If available, select it from the drop down list. If your contact information is not available, fill in the required fields.
    • Billing Address: If you selected your Organization from the list, this field may already be populated. If your billing information is missing or incorrect, enter it here.
    • Document Number: (If Required) Enter any supporting Contract or Permit number
    • PO Number: (If Required) Enter you PO Number
  5. (If Required) If you selected your Organization from the list, this field may already be populated. If necessary, enter your Organization's Insurance Information.

    Screenshot of Insurance Information form fields
  6. (Optional) Enter any Setup Requirements you need provided by the Location hosting your event(s). Check the box for the service you need and then enter a detailed description for that service.

    screenshot of Set Up Requirements form fields
  7. Number Attending: Enter the number of participants you're expecting for your event(s). You can split the number attending into Adults and Children.
  8. Other Needs: Enter any additional information that you would like to provide about your event or any specific requirements that you have.
  9. Password: Enter the request submittal password of chappaqua and then click the save button.screenshot of number attending and other needs form fields

Checking your requests and viewing the Events Calendar

  1. Click on the My Requests Tab and then the My Schedule Requests link. Here you can find up to date information on your requests and the current status of those requests.

screenshot of My Schedule Requests tab

  1. Use one of the calendar options (Month Calendar, Day Calendar, or Week Calendar) to view upcoming events or check room availability.

screenshot of event calendar page to check room availability