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Communications & Public Information

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Our communications team is committed to fostering open, transparent, and effective communication between our schools, students, families, and the broader community. 

Through our website, newsletters, social media, and more, we work to make every member of our community connected to and well-informed about the wonderful things happening in our schools.

We also serve as a liaison between the District and the public and welcome requests from the public for general information about the District and its schools.

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David Hayes

David Hayes

Support Staff, Public Relations Assistant
Dr. Adam Schoenbart

Dr. Adam Schoenbart

Associate Director of Technology & Communication, Administrator

Media Inquiries

For all media inquiries, please contact the Superintendent’s Office.

FOIL Requests

FOIL requests should be directed to the Assistant Superintendent for Business, Joshua Culwell-Block.

More Information

For all other inquiries or for more information about our schools, please contact or or our Public Information Officer at 914-238-7200 x1026

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