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Elementary students participating in STEAM activity

STEAM is an interdisciplinary approach to active learning based on authentic problem solving using the Design Process of brainstorming, production and reflection.

STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics. In STEAM, students work collaboratively, conducting rounds of prototype revision to design functional products. Students reflect on process, assess the final form and function of their products, ask essential questions developed during each project and debate the ethical implications of their work.

STEAM teachers work collaboratively, combining the elements of each STEAM discipline to teach the design process, production skills and the application of academic knowledge. It is the goal of the STEAM program to help students develop their creativity, teamwork ability,  and design skills, while instilling in them a passion for creation.

STEAM Vision Infographic

CCSD STEAM Vision Infographic

In Our Schools

Elementary School

Elementary students visit their school’s Global Learning Center and Makerspace regularly. Students complete at least one grade-level STEAM project each semester.

In the Makerspace, and in their classrooms, they participate in STEAM activities and learning supported by their Library Teacher and Computer Lab Aide. 

Middle School

The Middle School STEAM experience crosses into all subject areas but is primarily supported in Technology, Art, and STEAM courses. At this level, all students have the opportunity to work in their school’s state-of-the-art STEAM center.

Students engage in individual and collaborative projects and spend time learning and using the design process. Particular attention is paid to pairing technology with math, science and design.

High School

At the high school level students have STEAM experiences across a variety of core and elective courses. The high school focuses on the integration of cross-disciplinary skills and authentic design challenges.

Students are increasingly independent and self motivated, following their own passions and ideas for creating a better world.

STEAM Curricular Resources & Standards

The resources below are used to support instruction. Use the buttons above to filter to a specific area. Click the title of a resource for a link to learn more.