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We want our students to develop as critical thinkers, problem solvers, and curious mathematicians. Our students will feel empowered by and confident in their mathematical skills and knowledge, ready to apply their learning in and out of the classroom.  

Central to our mathematics instructional program is a strong belief that all of our students should receive an equitable and inclusive experience where each has access to rigor as well as the differentiated support required to be appropriately challenged.  

Our K-12 programs incorporate the NYSED’s Standards of Mathematical Practice, where students:

  • Are actively engaging in the learning process
  • Use existing mathematical knowledge to make sense of problems and persevere in solving them
  • Make connections among mathematical concepts by making use of structure and regularity
  • Reason abstractly and make conjectures
  • Use a variety of representation and tools to solve problems and communicate their process and solution

In Our Schools

Elementary School

Elementary students learn and practice math daily using the Math in Focus program, which emphasizes: 

  • Deep understanding of concepts and skills through learning experiences to develop mastery
  • Use of a Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract development of concepts
  • Using model drawings to connect visual representation to problem solving and algebra
Middle School

Our middle school math experience fosters self-confidence, enthusiasm, problem-solving skills, and a strong foundation in conceptual understanding.

Students learn and practice math daily through research-based instructional practices, culminating in Algebra for all students in eighth grade. 

Learn more about Algebra 8

High School

Our high school students learn and practice math all four years of high school through research-based instructional practices. Students select from a range of required courses and electives, including computer science courses, grounded in the Standards for Mathematical Practice and the 9-12 Next Generation Math Standards.

Mathematics Curricular Resources & Standards

The resources below are used to support instruction. Use the buttons above to filter to a specific area. Click the title of a resource for a link to learn more.

This program emphasizes conceptual thinking and rigor that balance conceptual understanding, procedural fluency, and real-life application. The materials are designed to spark curiosity and encourage students to make connections that enhance their deeper-level understanding of mathematics. The conceptual framework, combined with a focus on math in everyday life and careers, creates passionate students engaged in their own learning journey.

  • Mathematics
  • Middle School