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English Language Arts

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Our literacy curriculum is purposefully designed using research-based instructional approaches tailored to the needs of all our students.

In Chappaqua, we strive to provide students with a rich literacy that is intentionally structured to deepen a student's ability to think critically, communicate effectively and apply their learning  in a variety of contexts. Our ultimate goal is that students become powerful readers and writers who use the skills they acquire to advocate for themselves and others.

In Our Schools

Elementary School
In our elementary schools, students have access to a research-based, systematic, structured approach to literacy that includes phonics, phonemic awareness, fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary building.  

Additionally, students across K-4 write for many purposes across the year using three modes of writing: 

  • Information
  • Opinion
  • Narrative
Middle School

In middle school, the English curriculum challenges students to deepen their critical thinking and analytical skills. Students engage in whole class and small group discussions to analyze a diverse collection of texts and push their thinking.

Throughout the course of the middle school experience, students write for many purposes such as convincing an audience, responding to reading, and sharing learning from research.

High School

In high school, the English curriculum encourages students to refine their thinking skills through the study of language, composition, literature, and media. Students read both classic and contemporary literature, discuss literary works in relation to their meanings, form, style, and structure, and develop a growing vocabulary of critical terms.

Students have the opportunity to select from a range of elective courses throughout their high school studies. 

ELA Curricular Resources & Standards

The resources below are used to support teaching and learning. Click the title of a resource for a link to learn more. Use the school categories to filter the resources.