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Board of Education Resolution on Antiracism, Diversity and Social Justice Curriculum and Instruction

WHEREAS, the Board of Education of the Chappaqua Central School District (the “Board”) is united with our administration, staff and community in repudiating racism and discrimination in any form; 

WHEREAS, the Board is resolute in its commitment to foster an actively antiracist culture and climate in our school district and broader community;

WHEREAS, the Board believes that our students must be educated to recognize, reject and stand up to all racism and hate;  

WHEREAS, the Board is committed to address and support antiracist, diversity and social justice education in our schools; and

WHEREAS, the Board recognizes the central role of educators and public education in molding future generations of citizens who will be informed, ethical, moral, engaged and active participants in society; 

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board directs the Chappaqua Central School District administration and staff to: 

  1. Engage in a comprehensive review and revision of the K-12 curriculum to ensure broad-based instruction on systemic racism in its historical context, its influence on current events, and its impacts on the lives of Black, Indigenous and People of Color,
  2. Ensure that the curriculum addresses racism and the dynamics of intersectionality and its disparate impacts along race, class, gender identity,and other identity markers,
  3. Ensure that classroom practices, activities and assignments are free of racial and cultural bias, whether overt, implicit or unconscious, 
  4. Ensure that the curriculum, teaching and learning practices, classroom activities, and interaction among students and teachers, are approached with compassion and recognition of human dignity and mutual respect,
  5. Provide continuous training for all staff on recognizing, identifying and addressing overt, implicit and unconscious racism in our school curriculum, in their own thinking, in classroom practices, and student and staff behavior, 
  6. Provide all staff with the tools and necessary knowledge to actively implement strategies to report and eliminate overt, implicit and unconscious racism and racist behavior and attitudes in our schools, and 
  7. Work with all segments of the school district community to establish and maintain a school culture and climate that is actively antiracist and upholds dignity and respect for all individuals; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Board calls on the school administration to present to the Board specific action steps, together with a system of accountability, toward achievement of the above-stated goals.