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Academic Intervention Services

In accordance with New York State Education Department regulations, the Chappaqua Central School District is committed to providing academic intervention services (AIS) to students who demonstrate a need for additional support to meet grade level learning standards. Academic Intervention Services provides additional focused instruction designed to help students achieve the grade level learning standards in a specific academic area.

Eligibility for academic intervention services is determined based on a student's performance on state assessment exams and/or in accordance with the uniformly applied district-developed and adopted procedures. At each school, a team of professionals including building and district administrators, reading specialists, and math specialists review the data profile of each considered student to determine if the student is performing below expectations on multiple measures and if the student is eligible to receive academic intervention services. The level of AIS is then determined on an individual basis. 

Parents/guardians with questions about AIS should contact their building administrators.

Policy 5049: Academic Intervention Services

Grades 1-8

The NWEA MAPS Growth assessment is our District’s universal screener. All students in grades 1-8, who fall at or below the 40th percentile on these assessments will be considered for AIS. In addition, students in grades K-8, who are not making adequate progress toward learning goals or grade level standards based on literacy benchmarks and/or additional measures of student performance will also be considered for AIS. All students in grades 4-8 performing below the median scale on the ELA and Math State assessments will receive AIS.

Grades 9-12

AIS is provided to students in grades 9-12 in ELA and math based on their NYS Grade 8 assessments and quarter grades in those classes. Services are provided by a high school teacher until the student has passed the ELA Regents or required math Regents exams.