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Athletics Program

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Girls Soccer
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Boys Basketball

Our Athletics program fosters and reinforces the Chappaqua Central School District’s mission, which is to create a community for learning where students, families and staff members are joined in the pursuit of athletic excellence, personal growth and teamwork. We seek to develop each student's full potential through involvement in interscholastic and intramural athletic programs led by a dedicated coaching staff. We promote values, practices and character traits that are essential to personal development and future success. 

For information about registration, teams, schedules, and more, please visit rSchool.

Over 500 students participate in each of our three seasons, filling over 2,000 positions on our teams throughout the year. This high level of student involvement reinforces the importance of offering a robust and engaging athletics program throughout the year. 

To fulfill this purpose, we must:

  • Welcome every student’s involvement in the program
  • Value perseverance, commitment and hard work
  • Demonstrate sportsmanship, respect and community spirit
  • Embrace healthy competition
  • Support every student’s social-emotional development and their ability to self-advocate
  • Communicate expectations / responsibilities of students, families and staff

As athletes and coaches

  • We are the ambassadors of our school community.
  • We value Chappaqua and what it means to be a student-athlete.
  • We have integrity that we demonstrate on and off the field.
  • We are competitive and dedicated.
  • We value our Chappaqua community partnerships.
  • Empathy, gratitude and humility are our goals.