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NOTE: Parents of currently enrolled students (and recent alumni) are added automatically and do not need to signup. . .as long as an email address was provided during the registration process or you updated your Infinite Campus Parent Portal account.

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NOTE to GMAIL Users: If you believe you are signed up to receive emails from the District, but are not seeing them in your inbox, please first check your SPAM/JUNK MAIL FOLDER and/or look into the following:

With the constant changes Gmail is making to their service, we have begun to notice that District messages sent from BlackboardConnect may be ending up in an “Important” folder that Gmail automatically created. Basically, Gmail uses algorithms and machine learning to decide which incoming messages to automatically mark as important…and there is no notification icon to alert you that new messages are in your important folder!

Gmail Important Folder

To prevent Google from marking incoming messages as important, complete the following steps:

NOTE: These steps must be done on a PC/laptop (and not by using the Gmail app or mobile device settings). But any changes will apply globally to all the ways in which you access your Gmail messages.

  1. Open your Gmail account on a computer
  2. Click on the “gear” in the upper right

    Quick Settings Gear
  3. Then click “See all settings”
  4. Now click on the “Inbox Tab” toward the top of the window.

    Settings Inbox
  5. Scroll down to “Importance Markers”
  6. Select “No Markers” and select “Don't use my past actions to predict which messages are important. Note: this will erase action history and will likely reduce the accuracy of importance predictions.”
  7. Scroll down and click “Save Changes”

Now, all future messages should appear in your Gmail inbox.