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Regulation 9051: Technology Acceptable Use Policy Regulation

Regulation 9051: Technology Acceptable Use Policy Regulation

In accordance with the District's Technology Acceptable Use Policy 9051 and 5016, all faculty and staff must adhere to the following:

  1. Network Resources/Access


    • Human resources notifies the technology department of all personnel additions/changes.
    • Per diem substitutes are not given network access. The building administrator must request access for long term substitutes.
    • Principals may request limited network access for Student Teachers and Interns by notifying the Director of Technology and provide the start and end dates for all requests.
    • Legal name must be used for network accounts.
    • External group requesting network/Internet access must obtain approval from a building or central office administrator:

      A work order requesting guest access to the network will be made at least 5 days prior to the date of first access by a building lab aide.

    • Staff members on leave:

      Accounts will remain active through approved leave.

    • Resignations:

      Accounts will remain active until the date of resignation.

    E-mail and Voicemail

    • Communication over voice and data networks should not be considered private. Network maintenance may require review and inspection of directories or messages.


    • All staff members are required to change their passwords annually. Additionally, those with access to Finance Manager are required to change their passwords every 90 days. New passwords should have at least 5 characters different from those in password being replaced.
    • Students are required to change their passwords upon entering fifth grade and then again annually in ninth through twelfth grade.
    • Passwords should never be shared.
    • Students should never be logged on to a teacher account.
    • Forced password changes may periodically be required for security purposes.
  2. Internet Filtering

    • Internet sites with inappropriate content are blocked for all student accounts.
    • Staff accounts are filtered for pornography, Internet radio and malicious content.
    • Sites that are not used for educational purposes and require high bandwidth may be blocked, and staff members are asked to curtail the use of non-educational streaming media in order to preserve bandwidth usage for educational purposes.
    • Work orders to unblock a site for educational purposes will be evaluated on an individual basis
  3. Software

    • Security restrictions prevent the execution of software applications (.exe files) from CD's, DVD's and flash drives on district computers.
    • Software is protected by copyright laws and unauthorized copies cannot be installed on any district computers.
    • Software licenses must be maintained by the technology department.
  4. Equipment

    • All computers, laptops and peripherals are acquired by the technology department for the entire district and are asset tagged and inventoried in a centralized database.
    • Hardware requests should go to building principals and subsequently submitted to the Director of Technology for final approval.
    • District computers and laptops are replaced every six years.
    • Donations of new or used computers and peripherals are not accepted by the district.
    • Gifts from outside sources must have district approval and gifts valued at $500 or more must also have approval from the Board of Education.
    • The technology department should be notified prior to the acquisition of any equipment for networking compatibility and support.
    • Only district approved equipment should be plugged into the network.
    • Equipment transfer/borrowing:

      Equipment should only by moved by the technology staff

      Work orders for movement of equipment will be evaluated on an individual basis.

      Staff members may borrow equipment for a limited time, if available, for job related purposes only, with supervisor approval. Equipment must be signed out and returned to the technology department.

Administrative Regulation

Approved by Superintendent of Schools: July 30, 2009

rev. October 18, 2010