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Regulation 6025: Communication Devices

Regulation 6025: Communication Devices

Effective January 1, 2021, the following positions are authorized for District-owned communication devices:

  • Elementary Schools (17 cell phones)
    • Principals, Assistant Principals (6 cell phones)
    • School Secretaries, Nurses, Head Custodians (9 cell phones)
    • Night Custodians (3 cell phones)
  • Middle Schools (14 cell phones)
    • Principals, Assistant Principals (4 cell phones)
    • School Secretaries, Nurses, Head Custodians, Sr. Custodians (8 cells phones)
    • Night Custodians (2 cell phones)
  • High School (15 cell phones)
    • Principal, Assistant Principals, Athletic Director (6 cell phones)
    • School Secretary, Nurses (2), Guidance Chair, Sub Caller, Senior Custodian, Maintenance Worker (7 cell phones)
    • Night Custodians (2 cell phones)
  • Education Center (18 cell phones)
    • Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent for Business, Assistant Superintendent- Curriculum & Instruction, Assistant Superintendent- Human Resources, Assistant Superintendent, Pupil Personnel Services, Director, Equity, Inclusion & Wellness, Director-Literacy-K-12, Director, Special Education & 504 Services, Board of Education (5), Public Relations Assistant, Secretary to the Superintendent/District Clerk (15 cell phones)
    • Special Education Chairpersons (3 cell phones)
  • Pole Barn (3 cell phones)
    • Director – Facilities & Operations
    • Maintenance Foreman
    • Courier/Custodian
  • Technology (2 cell phones)
    • Director- Technology & Innovation & Mathematics
    • Lab Aide
  • Other (2 cell phones)
    • Food Services Director
    • Transportation Director

71 Cell Phones

Employees shall use their communication devices only for appropriate District business purposes; however, in the event an employee uses a communications device for other than business purposes he/she shall reimburse the District for any additional cost resulting from such non-business usage, in accordance with the administrative regulations and may be restricted from using District communication devices.  Reimbursement will occur within fifteen (15) school days of notice.  Should reimbursement not occur within fifteen (15) days, the District will deduct such amount from the employee’s salary, after the employee has been given written notice and opportunity to contest the decision.

Administrative Regulation

Approved by the Superintendent of Schools:  February 8, 2021