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Regulation 5015b: Students From Other Schools Attending School Sponsored Events

Regulation 5015b: Students From Other Schools Attending School Sponsored Events

The Chappaqua Central School District supports and encourages school sponsored events for its students. Also, the District realizes that there may be circumstances when it may be appropriate to limit attendance at particular events by students from other schools.

The following regulations govern attendance at school sponsored events:

  1. Chappaqua students attending Chappaqua schools, and Chappaqua students for whom a school sponsored placement has occurred in a school outside of the Chappaqua district, are eligible to attend any and all Chappaqua sponsored after school events. Exceptions would be for those students who, for disciplinary reasons, have been suspended from such a privilege.
  2. Chappaqua students whose parents, at their own discretion, have elected to enroll them in a school outside of Chappaqua are not eligible to attend restrictive school events. They are, however, eligible to attend events deemed by the school district as being non-restrictive.
  3. The building administrator will determine whether an event is a restrictive or non-restrictive one. A restrictive school event might be a middle school social, an elementary school math night, a high school pep rally, or a high school prom.
  4. Attendance at all sports, musical, performing arts activities are considered non-restrictive.
  5. For PTA/school sponsored events, a determination on whether an activity will be restrictive will be made jointly by the building principal and PTA chair.
  6. Anyone wishing to appeal the determination of the Chappaqua Central School District regarding restrictive vs. non-restrictive events should submit their request in writing to the building administrator whose school is hosting the event. Appeals of the decision of the building administration may be made to the Superintendent of Schools for a final determination.

Administrative Regulation

Approved by Superintendent of Schools: December 6, 1995