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Regulation 5015a: Attendance Records: Home Instruction

Regulation 5015a: Attendance Records: Home Instruction

Where instruction is provided in the home, a separate "Home Instruction Register" should be maintained in the office of the school. The names of pupils receiving such instruction should be recorded in the "Home Instruction Register" identified by grade. Days on which a pupil receives at least one hour of home instruction may be claimed as a day of attendance. The miscellaneous column in the register should be used to indicate the diagnosis of each pupil listed.

When a pupil is transferred from a regular school register to the "Home Instruction Register," a dated notation should be made in the regular register to indicate the transfer; a dated notation should be made in the "Home Instruction Register" to indicate from which register the pupil was transferred.

In preparing the Attendance Report (AT-6) and the Annual Statistical Report, the attendance of all pupils receiving Home Instruction should be added to the attendance of all other pupils in the same school. The entries in the Home Instruction Register should be verified in the same manner as the regular registers. Home Instruction Registers should be turned in at checking and closing times with the regular registers.

All inquiries concerning Home Instruction and the pupil accounting therefor should be directed to the Office of the Superintendent.

Administrative Regulation

Approved by Superintendent of Schools: April 8, 1964

Reaffirmed: September 1, 1996