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Regulation 5000: Age of Initial Entrance Into School System

Regulation 5000: Age of Initial Entrance Into School System

Although the Education Law does not require a pupil to attend school before reaching six years of age, once registered, the pupil is required to maintain regular and prompt attendance.

First Grade

Chronological age will not be the sole determiner of entrance to the first grade. If there is a question on the part of the parent or the local school principal concerning a pupil from another school system entering our public school for enrollment in the first grade, the pupil will be placed in Kindergarten until sufficient testing and observation can be completed to determine the level of placement best suited to the pupil's needs.

Other Grades

Pupils who apply for admission to Grades 2 through 12 on the basis of prior schooling outside the district, will be placed initially on the grade level they have reached elsewhere. The school principal will determine subsequently whether there should be any change in the grade placement of the child.

Administrative Regulation

Approved by Superintendent of Schools: November 13, 1961

Revised: September 1, 1996; December 18, 2014