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Regulation 4045b: Instructional Materials

Regulation 4045b: Instructional Materials

Textbooks and Workbooks

Books and materials are generally purchased and replaced under the following guidelines:

Non-expendable items:

Non-expendable items such as regular textbooks and other reusable books and materials are purchased by the school district. Loss of such items is subject to payment by the student of the replacement cost or a set replacement fee established by the building principal.

Expendable items:

Expendable and specialized materials, such as lab manuals, advanced course textbooks, paperbacks, including materials consumed in the areas of Art, Industrial Arts, Home Economics and the like, are normally purchased by the student and become the student's personal property. Nominal fees covering the cost of such materials may be charged by the district.

Administrative Regulation

Approved by Superintendent of Schools

Date: February 15, 1974

Reaffirmed: September 1, 1996