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Regulation 4040: Textbook Loan Regulation

Regulation 4040: Textbook Loan Regulation

The textbook loan program will be applied to the resident students of this District, whether such students attend the public schools or non-public schools.

  1. The District shall maintain an inventory of all textbooks presently owned by the District, whether or not the same have been loaned to students attending non-public schools.
  2. By no later than June 1 of each year, parents of students who will be attending non-public schools shall be required to submit applications for textbook loans for the textbooks to be used by such students during the upcoming school year. The June 1 deadline will not apply to applicants who enroll their child in non-public school after June 1, in which case the written application must be submitted within 30 days after enrolling the child in the non-public school.
  3. The District's textbook loan application shall set forth an acknowledgment which must be signed by the parent/guardian for the return of such book or books and, also, provide that in the case of loss or damage, the parent shall be contractually obligated to reimburse the District for the value of the book(s).
  4. In order to facilitate the timely arrival of textbooks, the administrative personnel of the District may notify the parents of such non-public school students on or before April 1 of the June 1 deadline requirement for submitting textbook order applications. Nothing contained in these regulations shall mandate that such advance notice be given to the parents of non-public school students.
  5. The Superintendent's designee shall attempt to inform the administrators of the non-public schools at which resident students attend, of textbooks in the existing stock, so that textbook loan state aid can be used in the most efficient and effective manner.
  6. In the event that new textbook purchase requirements exceed the allotted textbook state aid for a given year, the Board of Education, by resolution, presented by the Superintendent of Schools, shall determine the subject area(s) in which no new textbooks shall be purchased for the students in the public school and non-public schools.
  7. At the District's option, textbooks which have been loaned to students attending non-public schools may be stored at the site of such schools from year to year, if the same are to be used in subsequent school year, provided that no storage charge shall be paid to the non-public school. In the event that books of the District are stored at non-public schools, a contract shall be entered into acknowledging the storage, that no charge or fee shall be paid for the same, a listing of inventory of books on loan to students at that school, as well as a requirement that the non-public school advise the District of any books which have not been returned with the name and last known address of the borrower.
  8. The textbooks of the District which are subject to the textbook loan program shall be labeled or otherwise appropriately identified as being the property of the Chappaqua Central School District.

Administration Regulation

Approved by the Superintendent of Schools: February 1, 2006