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Regulation 4025: IEP Dissemination

Regulation 4025: IEP Dissemination

In accordance with Board of Education policy, a copy of each student's Individualized Education Program (IEP) shall, prior to its implementation, be issued to each regular education teacher, special education teacher, related service provider and other service provider (e.g., teacher aide, teaching assistant) who is responsible for the implementation of the student's IEP.

The copy shall be given as a print copy or an electronic copy that is readily accessible to the educational service and related service providers with receipt confirmed electronically, if received in that format.

The CSE Chair shall designate himself/herself or a professional member of the students' CSE to be responsible for informing each regular education teacher, special education teacher, teaching assistant, related service provider and support staff (e.g., teacher aide, cafeteria workers, bus driver, bus monitor) of his or her responsibility relating to the implementation of the IEP and the specific accommodations (including seating, behavioral, etc.), modifications and supports relevant to their contact with the student. Such information shall be given in writing, may reference parts of the student's IEP and shall specify the responsibility of each such individual with reference to the goals and objectives for which each is responsible and the specific accommodations modifications and supports for which each is responsible. The information may also be given in electronic format with the same receipt acknowledgment requirement for electronic transmittal of the IEP.

Educators and related service providers shall be prohibited from making a redisclosure of IEP information to any other party except for other educators and related service providers who have a role to perform in delivering the requirements of the student's IEP, as well as to persons present at CSE/CPSE subcommittee meetings regarding such student.

Administrative Regulation

Approved by Superintendent of Schools: November 5, 2003