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9060 - Whistleblower Protection Policy

9060 - Whistleblower Protection Policy

Employees and officers of the School District are encouraged to report any actions or violations of a law, rule or regulation that create and present a substantial and specific danger to the public health, welfare, or safety which such individuals reasonably believe to be true and improper on the part of the Board of Education, an officer, employee or agent of the School District.

In accordance with law, in matters other than those regarding financial practices, it is expected that prior to making a public disclosure of such information, the employee or officer shall make a good faith effort to provide to the Board of Education or the Superintendent of Schools (unless the matter involves the Superintendent), the information to be disclosed. The Board shall be given a reasonable period of time to respond with corrective action or an explanation as to why no action will be taken. In cases involving imminent and serious danger to public health or safety, prior notice need not be given before making a public disclosure, in which event the Board or the Superintendent of Schools shall be notified immediately after public disclosure has been made. Good faith reports of violations of law regarding financial practices may be reported in the first instance to a school district official, the State Comptroller, the Commissioner of Education or law enforcement officials.

An employee or officer who provides information in accordance with this policy shall have "whistleblower protection" against retaliation in the nature of adverse action affecting compensation, appointment, promotion, transfer, assignment, reassignment or evaluation of performance. Any whistleblower who is concerned that retaliation for providing information in accordance with this policy has occurred or is occurring shall report the same immediately to the Board of Education or Superintendent of Schools.

An employee or officer may invoke a whistleblower defense pursuant to this policy in any disciplinary proceeding or litigation if he or she believes that adverse action has occurred by reason of whistleblowing as described above.

Adopted by Board of Education: July 11, 2006

Revised: October 10, 2006