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9027 - Health Insurance Policy

9027 - Health Insurance Policy

The Board of Education acknowledges its obligations under the State and federal laws and regulations with respect to health insurance for its employees. Eligible employees who are covered under collectively negotiated agreements shall be entitled to health insurance in accordance with the terms of those agreements. Employees covered by individual terms and conditions of employment agreements or Board Policy shall be entitled to health insurance in accordance with the terms of the individual agreements or Board policy.

It shall be the policy of the District that the following employees may participate in the District's health insurance plan by contributing one hundred percent of the premium cost for individual, two-person, or family coverage: per diem substitute teachers and teaching assistants, substitute teachers and teaching assistants who are engaged to work for a fixed term of less than five months, substitute clerks, substitute aids, substitute cleaners and athletic coaches not otherwise entitled to insurance under a collectively negotiated agreement.  Said employees may only access such coverage during the period of active employment with the District.


Following retirement from the District and upon reaching the age of eligibility for Medicare benefits under the federal Medicare program, the District shall reimburse such retirees for Medicare charges to them and their spouse, if applicable, only at the standard or floor rate of Medicare Part B premium rates. To be eligible for this benefit, the retiree and spouse, if applicable, must also be enrolled in the District’s health insurance plan.

An exception to this policy shall be made for those employees whose individual employment contracts or settlement agreements call for reimbursement at rates in excess of that described above.

Adopted by Board of Education: January 18, 2015

Revised: March 3, 2021
                 January 12, 2022