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7025 - Rules and Regulations for the Maintenance of Public Order on School Property

7025 - Rules and Regulations for the Maintenance of Public Order on School Property

Pursuant to Education Law Section 2801 and 8 NYCRR Section 100.2(1), the Board adopts the following regulations to maintain public order on school property:

Prohibited Conduct:

The Board of Education prohibits the following conduct or acts on school property by students, teachers, staff members, licensees, or visitors

  1. The willful physical injury of any person or the threat to use force which would result in such injury.
  2. The harassment or coercion of any person.
  3. The willful damage to, or destruction of, property.
  4. The willful disruption of the orderly conduct of classes or of any other school program or activity.
  5. The entry of any school building or upon any portion of the school premises unless such entry is made in connection with official business with the district or to attend an activity or function authorized thereby.
  6. The willful interference with the lawful and authorized activities of others.
  7. The possession, consumption, or exchange of alcoholic beverages, unauthorized drugs, or narcotics on school property.
  8. The possession or use of a knife, razor, explosives, pistol, rifle, shot gun, pellet gun or any other object that reasonably can be considered a weapon, on property of the school district.
  9. The violation of any federal or state statute, local ordinance, or Board Policy
  10. The refusal or failure of any persons to comply with a lawful order or direction of an official of the school district in the performance of his duties.
  11. The distribution or posting of any written material, pamphlets, or posters from non-school groups without the prior approval of the Superintendent or his/her designee.

Enforcement and Penalties

Any violation of the above shall be reported immediately to the building principal. S/He will investigate the case thoroughly and make a written report to the Superintendent.

The Principal and/or the Superintendent will have the following options as to what penalty to impose:

Option 1:

Violators will be reprimanded.

Option 2:

Violators will be ordered to leave the school property immediately.

Option 3:

Police will be called in and a specific charge made under proper penal code.

Option 4:

Any penalty authorized by section 3214 of the Education Law or Board policies, if the violator is a student, provided the provisions pertaining to notice and hearing have been met.

Option 5:

Employee discipline pursuant to the statutorily mandated procedures, if any (or pursuant to applicable contractual procedures, if any).

Other Penalties:

These regulations and the penalties are not considered to be inclusive or to preclude in any way the prosecution and conviction of any person for the violation of any federal or state law or local ordinance and the imposition of a fine or penalty provided for therein.

Filing of this Policy:

The Superintendent shall file this policy and any amendments hereto with the Board of Regents and the Commissioner of Education within 10 days after the adoption date.

Adopted by Board of Education: February 10, 1986

revised May 28, 2014