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7005 - Facilities Planning & Development

7005 - Facilities Planning & Development

The Board of Education will provide facilities that will best support and accommodate the educational program and the student population. The Board will concern itself with both short-range and long-range planning and evaluation of facilities.

Any construction and/or renovation projects, including site selection, will be approved by the Board, upon recommendation of the Superintendent of Schools. The Board may establish, at its discretion, a committee to make recommendations regarding the planning and implementation of improvements to district facilities. Architects may be employed by the Board, either for a specific project or on a consultant basis.

An annual maintenance and capital improvements report will be submitted to the Board by the Superintendent of Schools prior to March 1. This report will contain a list and description of completed projects for the current year and planned projects for the upcoming year.

Adopted by the Board of Education: March 26, 1991