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6095 - Travel, Conference, and Meeting Expenses

6095 - Travel, Conference, and Meeting Expenses

The Chappaqua Central School District shall reimburse District employees and Board of Education members for travel-related expenses incurred when representing the District at professional association meetings, training and professional development programs and conferences, and when accompanying students on academic or extracurricular events. Reimbursement is subject to the restrictions and limitations outlined in this policy. 


The Building Principal shall approve travel, conference, and meeting expenses for building employees. The appropriate Central Office supervisor shall approve these expenses for Central Office employees. The Superintendent shall approve expenses for Building Principals and Central Office administrators. The President of the Board of Education shall approve expenses for the Superintendent and Board of Education members. The Vice President of the Board of Education shall approve expenses for the President.

All travel, conference, and meeting expense must fall within current budget appropriations for this purpose. 

Conference Expense

All conference registration fees must be approved at least one week in advance and in writing. 

Transportation Expense

The District will reimburse for air, train, and taxi fare, car rental, or personal automobile usage. The lowest cost transportation arrangements should be utilized whenever possible. Any travel involving airfare and/or an overnight stay must be approved at least one week in advance and in writing. Air travel is not authorized for distances less than 200 miles. The District will reimburse use of personal automobiles at the current I.R.S. mileage rate. Documented tolls shall also be reimbursed. 

Meal Expense

The District will reimburse the expense for any meals during a conference or meeting which are not included as part of the conference or meeting fee associated with travel, as well as any meals made necessary by travel to such conferences or meeting. Meal reimbursement shall be based upon the specific per meal rate determined by Southern Westchester BOCES with separate allocations for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Per meal rates cannot be combined into a daily rate. The District will not reimburse for any purchase of alcohol.

Lodging Expense

The District will reimburse necessary lodging expense during the conference or meeting. When accommodations are pre-arranged by the sponsoring organization, travelers shall secure a lodging rate no greater than the pre-arranged rate. In the absence of a pre-arranged rate, travelers will be reimbursed at a rate no greater than the federal per diem rate unless other accommodation is approved in advance and the rate is deemed actual, reasonable and necessary. Travelers should seek to utilize tax exempt forms when they are accepted by lodging establishments. 

Other Expense

Necessary expenses such as parking fees and telephone calls for District business will be reimbursed. Expenses for personal incidentals or entertainment are not reimbursable. 

Submission of Expenses for Reimbursement

Whenever possible, travelers should request a purchase order enabling the District to directly pay the expense. In the event that a purchase order is not feasible, the Board member or employee can request use of the District credit card in accordance with Policy 6030.

Claims for travel-related expenses should be submitted within 20 days to the claims auditor. Itemized receipts or detailed invoices are required for each expense item. Credit card statements are not valid expense documentation.

Cross-Ref:    Policy 6030, Use of the District Credit Card

Adopted by Board of Education: October 25, 2005

Revised: April 18, 2006
                 January 8, 2020