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6050 - Food Purchases for District Meetings and Functions

6050 - Food Purchases for District Meetings and Functions

The Chappaqua Board of Education recognizes that on certain occasions it is appropriate to provide refreshments and/or meals at District expense. Any expenditure on such refreshments and/or meals for employee or student functions must be approved in advance by the appropriate central office administrator or building principal. Purchases for Board of Education meetings or functions must be approved in advance by the Board President, or designee. All expenditures must fall within budgetary appropriations.

Refreshment requests may be approved for:

  • Events recognizing specific accomplishments of students or employees
  • Employee or Board meetings or functions where refreshment may increase productivity and/or generate goodwill

Meal requests may be approved for:

  • Meetings which occur during mealtime due to immediate business needs and/or scheduling difficulties
  • Sustained business activities such as orientations, training or work sessions, or grading of standardized tests which overlap meal periods

All requests for refreshments and/or meal expenditures submitted for approval must include: the purpose of the meeting, meeting date and time, the group in attendance, the number of people in attendance, and why attendees require food and refreshments to conduct school business.

The actual expenditures for refreshments and meals must be appropriately documented with itemized receipts. Costs shall be reasonable and prudent. Meal costs shall not exceed the specific rates determined by Southern Westchester BOCES. The District will not reimburse for any purchase of alcohol at non-school sites. Alcohol cannot be served on school property.

Adopted by Board of Education: November 8, 2005

Revised: November 22, 2005