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6035 - Disposition of District Personal Property and Equipment

6035 - Disposition of District Personal Property and Equipment

The Board of Education recognizes the need to dispose of district personal property and equipment no longer necessary for the maintenance of the educational program or the operation of the School District. The Board directs the periodic review of all District property and authorizes the disposition of any property not required for school district purposes according to the provisions of this policy.

Definition of Personal Property:

  1. Personal property and equipment (hereinafter referred to as "property") shall mean all tangible personal property of the District that is not consumable and has a useful life of one year or more, including but not limited to equipment, supplies, textbooks, instructional materials, parts, vehicles and materials, provided that such terms shall not include buildings or real property or equipment that is permanently affixed to real property, or leases, notes or other written instruments.
  2. Inventoried personal property and equipment (hereinafter referred to as "inventoried property") shall mean personal property and equipment that has been recorded in the District's equipment and capital asset inventory in accordance with Inventory Policy 6075.
  3. Surplus personal property shall mean personal property that has no known, immediate or currently foreseeable use to the District.

Disposition of Personal Property:

Periodically, but not less than once per year, a determination shall be made by the building administrators as to what property is obsolete and cannot be utilized effectively or economically. The Superintendent and School District Business Administrator shall be given a list of all such property. The Business Administrator shall review and approve a list of property to be declared surplus.

Procedures for Disposition of Surplus Property:

Prior to the disposal of any such property, the Board of Education shall pass a resolution declaring such property to be surplus. The Business Administrator shall then be authorized to dispose of such property as follows:

  1. The District shall attempt to sell all inventoried surplus property and any other surplus property deemed saleable. All sales of surplus property shall be open to the public. Notice of the sale and/or requests for bids shall be made through advertisements in the local newspapers and other usual and appropriate means to assure public awareness.
  2. All surplus property must be sold to the highest bidder.
  3. Inventoried surplus property that has not been sold after at least one attempt and that is determined not to be marketable because it is damaged, in poor condition, or obsolete, may be recycled or sold as scrap for the best obtainable price or discarded in the safest, least expensive manner.
  4. Surplus property that is damaged or in poor condition or would require additional district resources to prepare for sale, may be recycled or sold as scrap for the best obtainable price or discarded in the safest, least expensive manner.
  5. Any net proceeds from the sale of property shall be deposited in the general fund.
  6. Property shall not be sold to a District officer or employee except in the same manner as it is sold to members of the public.

Accountability of Officers and Employees:

Any officer or employee who engages in the unauthorized use, theft, or conversion of personal property belonging to the District, or who otherwise violates this policy, may be subject to removal from office or such other discipline or penalties as authorized by law. Law enforcement authorities will be notified, as appropriate.

Adopted by Board of Education: May 22, 2007

Revised: November 30, 2010