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6030 - Use of the District Credit Card

6030 - Use of the District Credit Card

The Board of Education permits the issuance of a credit card in the name of the School District and the Superintendent of Schools for District professional learning related expenses of its officers and employees within the budget appropriation.  The maximum credit line will be $20,000.  The maximum amount that may be spent at any one time on the credit card is $5,000 per person per event unless the Board of Education approves additional expenditures.  The use of the credit card is not intended to circumvent the District’s policy on purchasing.  The District credit card will only be used for District expenses where a purchase order is not accepted.

Only the Superintendent of Schools, with prior review by the Claims Auditor, and the District Clerk, with prior review by the Claims Auditor and approval of the Superintendent of Schools, are authorized to use the District credit card.      To ensure appropriate use of the credit card, proper documentation must be submitted within 20 calendar days of the completion of the event or the employee will be responsible for the expenditure.  If the credit card issuer awards points or discounts on purchases, they must be used for the benefit of the District.

The following procedures will be required to substantiate purchases and reconcile statements prior to making payment:

  • Submission of itemized receipts and invoices.
  • Review of credit card bills to identify red flags such as unusual destinations or items.
  • Reconciliation of credit card statements against itemized receipts and invoices.
  • Follow up on identified discrepancies and/or missing documentation.
  • Maintenance of a log for the use of the credit card, including the date of the transaction, the vendor, the purpose for which the card was used, applicable order or confirmation number, dollar amount of the transaction, and the name(s) of the individual or individuals for whom expenditures were incurred.

The Claims Auditor shall audit every credit card transaction and report on each such transportation on the monthly claims audit report.  Any discrepancies or irregularities will be immediately reported to the Board.

Expenses incurred on the credit card will be paid in such a manner as to avoid finance charges.  The District will not make automatic payment deductions to pay credit card bills.  The credit card will be locked in a secure place in the Office of the Superintendent of Schools.

Any employee violating this policy may be subject to discipline in accordance with law and any applicable contract.  Any Board member violating this policy may be subject to removal from the Board.  Any inappropriate or unauthorized charges will be recouped from the individual making the inappropriate or unauthorized charges.

Cross-Ref:    Policy 6095 (Travel, Conference and Meeting Travel Expenses)

(This Policy replaces the previous Policy 6030)

Adopted – June 12, 2019