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6025 - Communication Devices

6025 - Communication Devices

The Chappaqua Board of Education recognizes that the utilization of communication devices by specific District employees is important to the safe and efficient operation of the school district. The District will provide Board of Education members and specific employees with cellular telephones and/or similar devices ("communication devices") to use as needed to fulfill their job responsibilities.

The Superintendent of Schools is hereby directed to develop administrative regulations to implement the provisions of this policy. This shall include a list of job titles requiring district communications devices.

Employees shall use their communications devices only for appropriate district business purposes; however, in the event an employee uses a communications device for other than business purpose he/she shall reimburse the District for any additional cost resulting from such non-business usage in accordance with the administrative regulations and may be restricted from using district communication devices. The District will periodically review communication device bills to insure appropriate District business usage. Individuals authorized to use district communications devices shall agree in writing to accept financial responsibility for any inappropriate usage, and damage to or loss of the device resulting from their reckless actions.

Adopted by Board of Education: June 21, 2005


  • October 23, 2007
  • September 27, 2016