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6010 - Authorized Signatures

6010 - Authorized Signatures

The Board of Education authorizes the signature on checks issued against all accounts of the school district to be that of the Treasurer, or in his/her absence, the Deputy Treasurer.

The Board hereby authorizes the use of check signing machines with safeguards for the school district's protection and with facsimile signatures of the Treasurer and Deputy Treasurer. Said machines shall be maintained in the exclusive and secured possession of the Treasurer and Deputy Treasurer, respectively.

The Treasurer/Deputy Treasurer shall be present and shall control the affixing of his/her signature when checks are run. He/she shall maintain a log of checks signed and shall verify the sequence of check numbers that are used. The signing of blank checks is expressly forbidden.

Extra classroom activity fund checks shall be signed by both the Student Activity Accounts Treasurer and the District Central Treasurer of the extracurricular activity fund.

Contracts authorized by Board resolution shall be signed by the Board President or in his/her absence the Vice-President, unless a different signatory is identified in the Board resolution.

Purchase orders for goods and/or services identified in the various budget codes of the District budget may be executed by the Purchasing Agent responsible for the procurement of such goods and/or services.


  • Education Law §§1720; 1724; 2523
  • 8 NYCRR §§170.1(c)(d); 172

Adopted by the Board of Education: June 6, 2006