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5078 - Administration of Medication Policy

5078 - Administration of Medication Policy

The Board of Education recognizes the importance of administering medication when it is a necessary adjunct to the health and wellness of our students. Whenever it is necessary for a student to take medication (prescription, non-prescription and herbal remedies) during school hours, on school buses, and/or under certain circumstances, at school events, the school nurse and/or trained and authorized unlicensed school personnel and/or bus drivers employed by the transportation contractor(s) must administer the medication unless the student is a supervised student, who self-administers under the direction of the nurse or trained school personnel or is an independent student, who is permitted to self-carry and self-administer as described in the implementing regulation. This excludes controlled substances (as defined in Section 3306 of the Public Health Law).

The parent/guardian shall submit a written request accompanied by a written order from a licensed health care provider indicating the frequency and dosage of prescribed and non-prescribed (over-the-counter) medication. The parent/guardian must assume responsibility to have the medication delivered directly to the health office in a properly labeled original container. School nurses may, however, dispense over-the-counter medications routinely kept in the nurse's office to students whose parents/guardians and medical providers have consented to the administration of such medications.

Procedures for receipt, storage and disposal of medications, as well as procedures for taking medications on school buses, off school grounds or after school hours while participating in a school-sponsored activity, will be in accordance with NYS Education Department Guidelines as set forth in the Regulation.

The Superintendent of Schools shall develop regulations to implement this policy in collaboration with the School Physician and School Nurses.


Adopted by Board of Education: November 15, 2017