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5049 - Academic Intervention Services

5049 - Academic Intervention Services

The Board of Education is committed to providing academic intervention services (AIS) to students at risk of not meeting the state learning standards. Such services may include additional instruction supplementing the instruction provided in the general curriculum and/or student support services such as guidance, counseling, attendance and study skills needed to support improved academic performance.

Eligibility for academic intervention services will be determined based on a student's performance on state assessment exams and/or in accordance with the uniformly applied district-developed district-adopted procedures. Eligible students will receive services consistent with law and regulations which shall commence no later than the beginning of the semester following a determination that a student is eligible for such services.

The specific criteria for each school year to be used to identify students to receive AIS services shall be set forth in a regulation implementing this policy.

Parental Notification and Involvement

Notification on Commencement of Services. The Building Principal will notify the parents of a student determined to be in need of academic intervention services, in writing, upon the commencement of such services. Such notification will include:

  • A summary of the academic intervention services to be provided;
  • The reason the student needs such services; and
  • Consequences of not achieving expected performance levels.

Notification on Ending of Services. The Principal will notify the parent in writing when academic intervention services are no longer needed. Such notification will include:

  • The criteria for ending services; and
  • The performance levels obtained on district selected assessments, if appropriate.

In addition, the district/schools will provide ongoing communication with parents which must include opportunities to consult with teachers and other professional staff, regular reports on the student's progress and information on ways to monitor and work with educators to improve the student's performance.

All parental notifications and communications will be done in English and translated, when appropriate, into the native language or mode of communication of the parents.

Description and Review of Academic Intervention Services

The Superintendent of Schools, in consultation with each Building Principal, shall maintain a description of academic intervention and/or student support services for each school. This description will include any variations in services in schools within the district and will specifically delineate:

  • the district-wide procedures used to determine the need for academic intervention services;
  • the academic intervention instructional and/or support services to be provided;
  • whether instructional services and/or support services are offered during the regular school day or during an extended school day or year; and
  • the criteria for ending services, including, if appropriate, performance levels that students must obtain on district-selected assessments.

Every two years the Superintendent shall review and revise the description of academic intervention services based on student performance results and present such revised description to the Board for approval.

This policy and its implementing regulations will be posted on the District website.

Ref: 8 NYCRR §§100.1(g); 100.2(r), (ee); 100.4(b)(2)(vi), (c)(5), (h)

Adopted by the Board of Education: September 27, 2016