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4055 - School Sponsored Trips

4055 - School Sponsored Trips

The Board of Education recognizes that field trips properly planned and integrated into the curriculum are an educationally sound and important part of the program of the schools. Such trips can supplement and enrich classroom instruction by providing learning experiences in an environment outside of the schools,  encourage new interests among students, and bring all the resources of the community - natural, artistic, industrial, commercial, governmental, education - within the ambit of a student's learning experience.


A school-sponsored trip includes both field trips and extracurricular trips officially sanctioned by the school district in accordance with this policy and its accompanying regulation. 

A field trip shall be generally defined as any prior approved journey by a group of students away from the school premises, under the supervision of a teacher that is part of an approved course of study. 

In addition to field trips, the Board of Education also acknowledges the importance of extracurricular trips involving student groups or school organizations, such as interscholastic athletic teams, performing groups and/or student clubs, when approved by the District.


The Board of Education shall review and approve, in advance, all proposed school sponsored trips which are planned to keep students out of the District overnight in excess of 3 nights. The Superintendent, Building Principal and/or Athletic Director shall be responsible for reviewing and approving all other school sponsored trips. 

It is the policy of the Board of Education not to endorse or support school sponsored trips that require travel to another country, except where such trip is determined by the Board of Education to be of such significant educational value as to warrant an exception to this policy. 

The District may require that all or a portion of the cost of transportation, as well as the related costs of a school sponsored trip, be paid in advance of the trip by students, fundraising activities and/or through donations. In no event will the district pay for any costs of food or gratuities." All fees shall be approved by the appropriate administrator and kept to a minimum. 

Fundraising activities and donations shall be applied equally to all students. The Superintendent shall insure that no student is denied participation because of financial conditions. 

The Board does not endorse, support or assume liability in any way for any student or staff member who participates in a trip not approved in accordance with this policy by the Board, Superintendent, Building Principal, or Athletic Director. During school hours, no staff member or other individual shall hold organizational meetings for any trip within the facilities or on the school grounds of the District. Any use of District facilities in conjunction with a non-school sponsored trip, outside of school hours, shall follow the Community Use of Facilities Policy, 7000 and related administrative rules and regulations. In addition, no individual shall use the name of the District or any of its organizations in conjunction with such trip. 

Any staff member who leads, sponsors, or participates in a non-school sponsored trip involving District students shall in advance and in writing inform the participating students and their parents/guardians that the trip is not sponsored by the District and the District bears no responsibility for such trip. 
The Superintendent of Schools shall prepare regulations for the operation of a school sponsored trip which shall insure that:

  1. Students on school sponsored trips remain under the jurisdiction of the Board of Education and are subject to its rules and regulations, including the Student Code of Conduct. The safety and well-being of students shall be protected at all times.
  2. Transportation used for school sponsored trips shall be arranged by the District through its bus transportation contract unless another means of transportation is otherwise approved by the Superintendent of Schools or designee.
  3. For any activities which involve travel beyond the school grounds to which a student is assigned, a Parental Permit Slip is required for all minor students.

(Replaces Extended School Trips; June 20, 1989)

Adopted by Board of Education: March 8, 2005

    January 12, 2010
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