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3020 - Health and Safety Committee

3020 - Health and Safety Committee

In order to monitor health and safety conditions in occupied school buildings, the Board of Education hereby establishes a District-wide Health and Safety Committee.

Role of the Committee

The Health and Safety Committee is an advisory committee which will provide recommendations to the Board of Education and District Administration on matters of Health and Safety throughout the District’s facilities.


The Health and Safety Committee shall be composed of representatives from the administrative staff, a member of each of the District's bargaining units and at least one parent member. The Board of Education shall select the members of the Committee and, in doing so, shall strive to have representation from each school building. During school construction projects, the Committee may request the participation of the project architect, the construction manager and appropriate contractors.

Required Duties

The Health and Safety Committee shall receive an update upon the completion of periodic facilities condition reports (i.e., annual visual inspection, building condition survey or similar report) required by any authorities having jurisdiction over every occupied public school building. The District shall consult with the Committee representatives when establishing the safety rating of all occupied school buildings on an annual basis.

The District shall involve the Committee in the investigation and disposition of complaints related to health and safety pursuant to Commissioner’s Regulations at 8 NYCRR §155.4(b)(7). The Committee shall receive copies of all written complaints related to health and safety of school buildings and a copy of the District's response.

Required Duties During Construction Projects

During construction projects, the Committee shall meet periodically to review issues and address complaints related to health and safety concerns resulting from the construction project. Complaints regarding excessive noise during a construction project shall be addressed by the Committee.

At the completion of the construction project, the Health and Safety Committee shall be provided an opportunity for Committee members to perform a walk-through inspection to confirm that the area is ready to be reopened for use.

Additional Duties

The Board of Education periodically may delegate additional responsibilities to the Health and Safety Committee.

Building Conditions Health and Safety Complaints

Health and Safety issues should be immediately brought to the attention of facilities staff or Building Administration. Building related health and safety complaints must be made in writing and filed with the District Clerk and must include the name, address and contact information of the person reporting the complaint in addition to the date, physical location and nature of the complaint.     

References – Commissioner of Education Regulations 155.4(b)(2)(iii), 155.4(c)(1), 155.4(d)(7), 155.5(i), 155.5(n).

Adopted by the Board of Education: November 9, 2004

Revised - January 26, 2022