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3005 - Grievance & Appeals Process

3005 - Grievance & Appeals Process

Appeals Process

Students or parents who wish to file a grievance or appeal a decision about a school-related matter, school employee or other school official may submit a statement in writing along with supporting evidence to the school principal.  The principal will meet, in person or by telephone conference, with the students and/or parents to review the decision and consider all evidence within a reasonable period of time.  The principal will resolve the matter within a stated period of time and communicate a decision in writing to all parties. 

Persons who disagree with a determination made pursuant to policies of the Board of Education which affects them may appeal such determination to the Superintendent of Schools within 30 business days of the decision.  This policy does not apply to appeals of matters involving students with disabilities (policy 5050policy 5051) except for appeals of student discipline matters under the Code of Conduct.

The Superintendent shall respond with a written determination within 30 business days of receipt of the written appeal and supporting documentation.  An appeal to the Superintendent on a discipline matter will not delay an imposed consequence.  The Superintendent will determine if the matter warrants expungement.

The Superintendent's determination may be appealed within 30 business days to the Board of Education by the filing of a written appeal, supported by appropriate documentation, with the Clerk of the District.

Additionally, the District may in its discretion hold a hearing at any level of the appeals process.

As used in this policy, the term "business day" means any day that is not a Saturday, a Sunday or a day recognized as a holiday by the State of New York.

Adopted by Board of Education: February 27, 1990

    October 14, 2020
    February 8, 2023