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2070 - Duties of the Treasurer

2070 - Duties of the Treasurer

It shall be the duties of the Treasurer to:

  1. Receive the District's funds from various levels of government and other sources, and deposit same in banks designated by the Board;
  2. Sign all checks issued by the District as authorized by the Claims Auditor;
  3. Keep a record of District receipts and disbursements and a cash flow summary;
  4. Maintain bond register and/or records of funds borrowed by District and make payments based on the terms of the borrowing;
  5. Administer the Investment Policy along with the Assistant Superintendent for Business according to Chapter 708 of the laws of 1992;
  6. Sign all legal documents as required by statute;
  7. Discuss accounting and financial issues with the Assistant Superintendent for Business, the Board of Education and members of the Administrative Council, and the Audit Committee.
  8. Responsible for all accounting/financial matters of the District.

Employment of the District Treasurer

The Board of Education may authorize, at its discretion, supplemental terms and conditions of employment for the District Treasurer.  The Board of Education shall annually determine, upon the recommendation of the Superintendent, the salary and stipend for the District Treasurer.

Cross-Ref:  Policy 9040, Non-Aligned Administrative Personnel

Adopted by Board of Education: February 10, 1962

     October 21, 1997
     June 22, 1999
     January 9, 2019