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2005 - Advisory Committees

2005 - Advisory Committees

Advisory committees may be established from time to time by the Board of Education for the purpose of studying significant issues within the school community. To that end, the Board shall, at its discretion and in accordance with state law and regulation, appoint advisory committees to gather information about and/or examine the advantages and disadvantages of particular options under consideration by the Board. Advisory committees may be asked to make recommendations which the Board may accept, reject, or return to the committee for further study. Any action stemming from committee reports is the responsibility of the Board.

The membership of each advisory committee organized by the Board shall be appointed by official Board resolution. Resolutions appointing such committees shall state, specifically, the scope of the work and the charge of the committee. Advisory committees shall be discontinued upon completion of their assignment(s).

Appointments to advisory committees shall be on the basis of interest, experience, and expertise. The Board shall make every effort, when it is appropriate, to form committees that are representative of the entire school community.

Publicity, or the release of information concerning committee findings, shall be the responsibility and prerogative of the Board.

Adopted by the Board of Education: May 24, 1994