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1025 - Gift Acceptance Policy

1025 - Gift Acceptance Policy

The Board of Education shall have sole discretion to accept gifts to the Chappaqua Central School District. Gifts to the District may come from individuals, a collection of individuals, the Chappaqua Parent Teacher Association, corporations, organizations, foundations or other lawful groups.

The Board authorizes the Superintendent of Schools or his or her designee to review all proposed gifts and to make a determination on proposed gifts valued at less than $500, either individually or collectively. Proposed gifts having a value greater than or equal to $500, either individually or collectively, shall be forwarded to the Board of Education for review and approval. Depending on the size and scope of a gift offer, the Superintendent and the Board may consider and approve in advance the nature of the gift offer and the manner in which such gift shall be given; a subsequent Board vote to accept the proposed gift would be taken at the time of donation.

The Superintendent or the Board of Education shall consider the applicability of a proposed gift to the educational mission of the District as well as any fiscal or administrative impact such gift may have on the current or future operations of the District. A gift accepted by the District must be free of restrictions or requirements that are contrary to law or District policy. The District may accept a gift of money to be used for a specific program or item, provided that the District does not delegate to a third party any decision making authority or control over the manner in which the program or item is established, used or offered. The Board may place restrictions on the acceptance of any gift. Final disposition of the gift is at the sole discretion of the Board.

Gifts given to the District shall be publicly recognized in an appropriate way, subject to Board approval or guidelines. Any fundraising activities surrounding a gift to the District that are conducted on school property shall be done in accordance with Board Policy 1020 Fund-raising Activities. Fundraising efforts or activities must clearly identify the individuals or groups responsible and disclaim any direct District involvement.

All gifts must comply with appropriate health and safety regulations.

For gifts of an indeterminate value, it shall be the responsibility of the donor to establish an appraised value and comply with financial reporting requirements. Such gifts, if accepted by the Board, shall be accepted without any acknowledged monetary value.

Adopted by the Board of Education: August 22, 2006

Revised: June 5, 2007