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0130 - District Equity Policy

0130 - District Equity Policy

The Board of Education is committed to creating and maintaining a positive and inclusive learning environment where all students, especially those currently and historically marginalized, feel safe, included, welcomed and accepted, and experience a sense of belonging and academic success.

The Board of Education and the Chappaqua Central School District accept responsibility for moving forward on this journey and committing time, energy and resources to develop a more equitable, inclusive, diverse and welcoming environment for all students, parents and staff.

Generally Accepted Beliefs and Agreements

All children deserve to have equitable access to opportunity. This right is fundamental to our K-12 education program and is extended to everyone without exception. However, the District also recognizes that students have been historically marginalized due to inequities associated with aspects of their identities and their contexts, including, but not limited to, race, color, weight, national origin, ethnic group, religion, religious practice, disability, sex; sexual orientation, or gender (including gender identity and expression).

Racism, discrimination and marginalization of any people or groups of people, whether intentional or not, has no place in our school community. Such actions damage not only those individuals and groups at which they are directed, but also our school community as a whole. We are committed to addressing these inequities and helping each and every student to equitably access learning opportunities in school to enable them all to thrive, and to build a better society.


The goal of Chappaqua Central School District is to provide equitable, inclusive and diverse opportunities for all students to reach their potential.

To achieve educational equity the District acknowledges the cultural diversity of our students and the need for students to find relevant connections amongst themselves, the subject matter and the tasks teachers ask them to perform.

The District will develop the individual and organizational knowledge, attitudes, skills and practices to create culturally responsive learning environments that nurture and support high academic achievement for students. Differences will be seen as strengths that are nourished, celebrated and welcomed.

In order to truly realize this goal, it is imperative that the Board of Education and the Chappaqua Central School District administration and faculty be fully conversant in the historical injustices and inequities that have shaped our society and recognize and eliminate the institutional barriers, including racism and biases, that contribute to the pervasive and disparate outcomes.

The Superintendent or designee(s) will ensure that curriculum and instructional materials reflect the Board’s commitment to educational equity. Curriculum and instructional materials for all grades shall reflect diversity and include a range of perspectives and experiences, particularly those of historically underrepresented groups. All curriculum materials shall be examined for bias and historical accuracy. Instructional activities, cultural enrichment opportunities and extracurricular programming will be provided for students that foster respect for the values embodied in this policy.

There shall be a District Equity Team (DET) and School Equity Team (SET) in each building. The DET and the SETs will assist in developing and implementing specific prevention initiatives, including the adoption and revision of policies and implementation of practices designed to promote diversity, prevent discrimination, assure equitable access to high quality educational staff, facilities and materials, and to maximize outcomes for all students.

Equity Policy Communication

To be successful in this endeavor, it is imperative that all members of the school community are aware of this policy, its purpose, procedures and the District’s commitment to equity and inclusion by fostering a positive learning environment that embraces all diverse, unique and individual differences.

The Superintendent, or designee(s), is directed to ensure that this policy is communicated to students, staff, and the community. This policy will be posted on the District’s website, and will also be published in other appropriate school publications.

Policy Enforcement

The Board directs the Superintendent or designee(s) to enforce this policy and create regulations and practices to implement this policy. The Board will annually review the District’s implementation of this policy and take appropriate action to ensure compliance with and enforcement of this policy.

Adopted by Board of Education: July 6, 2023

Board of Education Resolution on Antiracism, Diversity and Social Justice Curriculum and Instruction (adopted on June 23, 2020)

Board of Education Resolution on Antisemitism (adopted on December 13, 2023)