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0105 - Educational Philosophy / Chappaqua Central School District

0105 - Educational Philosophy / Chappaqua Central School District


The direct responsibilities of the local community have become ever more demanding of its resources of people, money and understanding. Of these, the education of its young is one of the most demanding and the most rewarding. In the knowledge both that the depth of these demands and the quality of these rewards are alike shaped by the educational philosophy and fiscal policy of the school system, and that these in turn must secure and maintain the approval and active support of the community whose standards they thus become, we of the Chappaqua School District declare:

Educational Purpose

It shall be the educational purpose of this District to impart to its pupils the elements of the accumulated knowledge and experience of humankind, and to do so both with regard for individual needs and abilities and in such a way and atmosphere as to inculcate at once a desire and respect for learning, a willingness thoughtfully to reassess the theories and judgments of the past in the revealing light of heightened knowledge, and fruitful patterns of work and study. It shall be our further purpose to develop in each pupil the skills of analysis, logic and communication so that each of them may be enabled to utilize knowledge and experience effectively in a free society, and we intend that this be accomplished in a manner which will improve pupils' self-understanding, increase their self-confidence, and enhance their respect for the qualities of their fellow human beings.

Civic Concern

It shall be our civic concern, in cooperation with parents and community organizations, to strengthen in our pupils a sense of responsibility for the interlocking communities in which they live and will move as adults, and, further, to develop in them the understanding that attainment of personal happiness and satisfaction is made possible in important part by the performance of a societally useful function.

Course of Study

We recognize the obligation of the District to provide in the elementary grades a broad program to develop in all children basic knowledge and skills and attitudes to enable them to participate in a wide range of educational experiences so that they may test their interests and talents in an environment which encourages exploration of many avenues of learning.

At the secondary level, we intend to provide a sound basic education for all students. A college preparatory education of high quality will be offered through an integrated program of study. In addition, trades and occupational skills will be taught, either in courses conducted within the District or through the services of regional agencies which may provide broader opportunities.

The student with special educational needs will be served in a manner in keeping with the District's keen awareness of its obligation to all its pupils, and diligent attention will be given to assisting each child toward the realization of his/her fullest potential.

In recognition of the enrichment lent to life by the arts, some training in that discipline will be encouraged for all students, and for those whose chief talents lie in this field, development of such gifts will be fostered through course offerings and opportunities for performance.

In order to establish sound mental and physical health habits, we shall provide curriculum opportunities in our elementary, middle and high schools for health education and shall provide experiences and instruction for the acquisition and development of physical skills.

In establishing the breadth and depth of the curriculum, we shall recognize and be attentive to the continuously changing patterns of education and society and the considered advice of interested and qualified citizens.


It shall be our deliberate intent to develop and maintain in the schools an ethos which will facilitate educational purpose and civic concern. We hold that school life outside the classroom shares significance with the instructional program in giving substance to the person, and, in this respect, it shall be our purpose to impose firm, consistent and reasoned discipline; to offer a program of individual counseling and guidance sufficiently deep to illumine personal strengths and weaknesses; to provide a variety of activity programs sufficiently broad to engage all students; and to foster responsible student self-government as an exercise in community living and as a program of leadership development.

Personnel Policy

It shall be the personnel policy of the District to recruit, develop and maintain a teaching and administrative staff of the highest caliber, balanced in professional experience, without discrimination on the basis of race, religion, gender, ethnic background, marital status, age or disability, and to this end provide a milieu conducive to attainment of the deepest personal and professional satisfaction.

Fiscal Policy

It shall be the fiscal policy of this District, through annual budgets meticulously prepared, that it tax itself at the level necessary to implement, without waste or ostentation, this educational philosophy; and, further, prudently to manage, through strict accounting and careful spending, the resources the District can allocate to education, mindful that school funds are a public trust.

Adopted by Board of Education: January 27, 1964


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