Policy 9030: Policy on HIV/AIDS - Employees

The Board acknowledges the interests of employees diagnosed as having AIDS or HIV infection in continuing their employment, as well as the interests of all students and employees of the school district to learn and work without being subjected to significant risks to their health. The Board recognizes that under current law and regulations the disclosure of confidential AIDS and/or HIV related information must be strictly limited.

Accordingly, it is the policy of the Board of Education that no district employee shall be prevented from continuing his or her employment solely on the basis of such information. Employees diagnosed as having AIDS or HIV infection cannot be suspended from employment unless the Superintendent of Schools or Board determines on the basis of competent medical evidence after consulting with county health officials, the school district physician and the school district attorney, that the employee is incapable of satisfactorily performing his/her job even with reasonable accommodations or that the physical and/or mental condition of the employee makes his/her presence on the job an endangerment to the health, safety or welfare of the employee and/or others in our schools.

In accordance with current laws and regulations, it is also the policy of the Board to prevent any employee from being subjected to adverse action or stigma solely because he or she has been diagnosed as having AIDS or being HIV-infected.

The Superintendent of Schools is hereby directed to develop administrative regulations in regard to avoiding employment discrimination against individuals diagnosed as having AIDS or being HIV-infected.

The Superintendent also shall implement, and all school personnel shall comply with, guidelines and universal precautions for dealing with all spills of blood and other body fluids in or on school premises and grounds.

In addition, the Superintendent shall develop and implement inservice education for all school personnel concerning AIDS and HIV infection and the universal precautions to be followed in the case of all spills of blood and other body fluids.

Further, the Superintendent shall provide legal information and education to all employees regarding issues of formal and informal disclosure, inappropriate re-disclosure, and confidentiality of student and employee information related to HIV or AIDS.

Adopted by Board of Education: April 28, 1986


  • September 13, 1988
  • November 21, 1989
  • May 18, 1998