Policy 6085: Purchasing and Bidding

General Procedures:

The purchasing procedures of the District shall comply with all applicable laws and regulations of the State and Commissioner of Education. District Purchasing procedures will be specifically defined in the Purchasing and Bidding regulation which accompanies this policy.

The purchasing procedures will be specifically defined in the Chappaqua Central School District Purchasing Manual.

A statement of "general conditions", as approved by the Board of Education, shall be included with all specifications submitted to suppliers for their bids. These general conditions shall be incorporated in all contracts awarded for the purchase of materials, equipment and supplies.

No Board member, officer, or employee of this school district shall be interested financially in any contract entered into by the District.

Bidding Procedures:

All purchase contracts for materials, equipment and/or supplies involving an annual expenditure of over $20,000 and all public works contracts involving over $35,000 shall be awarded on the basis of public advertising and competitive bidding.

However, the Board authorizes the award of purchase contracts on the basis of value. "Best value" means optimizing quality, cost and efficiency. The basis for best value shall reflect, whenever possible, objective and quantifiable analysis and may also take into consideration small businesses or certified minority-owned or women-owned businesses.

All contracts which require public advertising and competitive bidding shall be awarded by resolution of the board. Recommendations for the award of all such contracts shall be submitted to the board by the Superintendent of Schools or his/her designee.

Purchasing from State, Federal and Other Political Subdivision Contracts:

Purchases shall be made through available contracts let by the United States or any agency thereof, any state or any political subdivision or district therein, including any BOCES, in accordance with General Municipal Law Section 103 when it is determined to be in the best interest of the school district.

Professional Services and Consultants:

The Board of Education shall utilize Requests for Proposal (RFPs) for the procurement of professional services whenever the cost of such services exceeds an annual expenditure of $40,000. RFPs for professional service providers retained annually by the Board shall be re-issued at least every five years. Contracts shall be awarded to the professional service provider deemed by the Board to be best able to provide the specialized skill, expertise, and professional judgment required, at a fiscally prudent and reasonable price.

The Board of Education recognizes that there may be some professional services in excess of $40,000 that are so unique that no other service provider offers substantially equivalent or similar services. In such case, the Board of Education shall consider the recommendation of the Superintendent, based upon documentation provided by the requesting party that sets forth the unique benefit of such service, including the reasonableness of the cost. The Board may approve such service by resolution, reflecting that this exception applies.

Contractual agreements with providers of professional services shall be approved by the Board at regular public meetings upon the recommendation of the Superintendent.

Adopted by the Board of Education: June 9, 1992


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