Regulation 5052a: Harassment, Bullying and Discrimination Prevention and Intervention For Elementary Schools Plain Language Summary of Policy #5052

The Chappaqua Board of Education wants to ensure safe and positive schools for all students. As a result, no student is allowed to bully or harass any other student at school, on a school bus, or at any school event. In addition, no student is allowed to bully any other student online in any ways that disrupt the school day for the other student.

Bullying or harassing is behavior that creates an unwelcoming or intimidating environment for another person. It is behavior that might cause a student to be afraid to come to school, or behavior that makes it difficult for a student to learn in school and/or to participate in regular school activities. Bullying or harassing behavior is sometimes based on a person's race, color, weight, nationality, ethnic group, religion, religious practice, disability, sexual orientation, gender, or sex. Bullying or harassing someone for one of these reasons is also called discrimination and it is not allowed in our schools.

All students and staff will have the opportunity in school to learn about discrimination and about harassing and bullying behavior, so that they can recognize the behavior, so that they can help to prevent these things from starting, and help to end them if they ever do start. All students and staff have a responsibility to report any incidents of bullying or harassing behavior that they witness. In every school, the Assistant Principal is someone to whom students can report. But students should also know that any adult in the school is a safe person to whom they can speak.

When incidents are reported, they will be investigated. If students are found guilty, they will receive a clear notice about what they have done wrong, they will receive support in school so that they don't do it again, and they will be disciplined in a way that is appropriate and according to the Student Code of Conduct. The school will also keep records of such incidents. Students who report such events or participate in an investigation have the right to be safe from any kind of retaliation or harm as a result of their participation

Any student who hears about, sees, or believes he/she is the victim of an act of bullying, harassment, or discrimination should make a report as soon as possible to a member of the school staff. There is a form available on the school district's web site for making such reports. If the form is used, it should be given to the school's DASA Coordinator (the Assistant Principal), the Building Principal or the Superintendent of Schools.

Reviewed by Board and approved by Superintendent: September 29, 2014